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A method for harvesting heterogeneous distributions within collaborative applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189431D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-09
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The concept addresses the need to build dynamic distribution lists from heterogeneous content sources using a standard technique. This technique involves allowing a user to leverage "relationship tokens" in collaborative clients. Each client defines the relationship tokens that are made available to its user base.

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A method for harvesting heterogeneous distributions within collaborative applications

The method for harvesting distributions relies on the use of relationship tokens. These tokens

provide a technique for pulling the information from dynamic collaborative clients such as a

messenger service, email distribution list, a database server, and/or a buddy list just to name a few. Each client then defines the relationship tokens that it makes visible for other tools to utilize.

Example 1: Client being Lotus Notes email client

Relationship token: {reports-to}

Client interfaces with an employee organization website User action - When sending a new email in *Lotus *

Notes, the user populates the 'To: ' field with

User01 {reports-to} resulting in the building of a list of information that matches the rules for who User01 reports to within the management structure. This then is populated in the To: field of the memo being sent out. Access to Myspace friends, Facebook friends, and other community website lists could easily be implemented by having a relationship token defined for each data source.

Example 2: Client being Yahoo mail

Relationship token: {messengerbuddies school}

Client interfaces with Yahoo Messenger
User action - When sending an email, user creates a relationship token such that the 'To: ' field is defined with {messengerbuddies school}. The result is a list of individuals pulled directly from yahoo messenger in the grou...