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Method to Renew a Calendar Entry Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189440D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-09
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Disclosed is a method to renew a calendar entry

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Method to Renew a Calendar Entry

Repeating meetings are scheduled for a finite duration with eventual expiration. When expiration occurs, all too often a meeting chair is caught off-guard with no meeting scheduled for the next intended time slot. This article suggests the addition of a renew option. There are several ways this new renew option could be implemented.

Example of a renew option in the calendar entry meeting

Above is a calendar meeting entry modified to show the proposed renew option. This same

pulldown is also available from the primary Lotus Notes menu bar. When a calendar meeting is

selected, under Actions, -> Owner Actions, the same design is proposed here too.

The user would then be prompted for confirming (and updating) the meeting information: date(s), invitee list, subject,

phone or room, as well as any descriptive information. The user

would be brought to a "Schedule a Meeting" window with all the information from the current meeting pre-entered (including any updates that occurred post original meeting distribution) but the date would be advanced based on the current meeting expiration date. For a repeating meeting the re-occurring meeting would re-start on the first repeating day/time that doesn't have a meeting notice. If non-repeating, then the default update would be one week.


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