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Method for File System Based Replication in Non-Compatible Environments Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189441D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-09
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Disclosed is a program based on the local file system based replica, which helps the user to maintain all (or selected) documents stored in the email system database to the file system.

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Method for File System Based Replication in Non -Compatible Environments

In most of the team oriented collaborative applications, like *Lotus *

Notes team room an

internet groups, user uploads the project related documents in that application. While uploading any document, it is very useful to put it under some defined category. In case of Lotus Notes team-room applications, user creates a document and selects a particular category under which that document comes, (e.g. in thr development project's team-room, categories could be Design, Code, Test cases, References, Education, etc). In such cases, another user may want to download or upload any new document. The user needs to have access to Lotus Notes or expertise in using Lotus Notes software to open that document. Without this application, the user is not able to open that team room NSF (

Notes Storage Format) file.

In such scenarios, there are no methods in which the user can easily download or upload documents using any other noncompliant applications. Currently there are no solutions available for replicating / synchronizing documents stored in the email system database to a file system or with some other document management applications like application groups or plain HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) server. So the proposed solution helps to define advanced local file system based replica of an email system database.

In the proposed solution, User provides the local file system details like local path, which database to replicate from in the Replication Settings as shown in fig. 1. So the local file system (folder structure) is created automatically as similar to the selected categories in the email system database. More replication details are provided in the steps given below.

User interface design for replication settings :

Step 1 : User provides t...