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Method for selective monitoring when outside of given parameters Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189449D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-09
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Disclosed is a method for selective transaction monitoring when outside of given parameters

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Method for selective monitoring when outside of given parameters

The method described herein is for activating monitoring of a transaction when outside given

parameters. For instance, a transaction taking wall clock time of 1-2 seconds is normal. So, do

not activate the overhead of monitoring. Once outside the given parameters monitoring will be activated. This will provide decrease of Central Processing Unit ( CPU ) use per transaction ( if it is in normal parameters) and no Disk Access Storage Device ( DASD ) storage for the Monitoring record (Green Technology). Disclosed is a system that will provide monitoring data only when a subsystem falls outside given input parameters.

When monitoring is active for a busy subsystem (WebSphere Application Server, Customer Information Control System, Information Management System) there are many wasted CPU cycles and DASD space due to the records being written for well behaved transactions. Furthermore, Government regulations require certain industries to maintain this data for long

periods. This idea will cut down on the CPU cycles needed to monitor well behaved transactions

and drastically reduce the DASD space needed to store the monitoring records. Monitoring will only begin when the transactions are above a given parameter. This reduction in CPU and DASD use will contribute to the Green effort.