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Keyboard Card Holder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189483D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-11
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"Keyboard Card Holder" is a simple device which allows a person to put there any card of specific shape e.g. credit card, debit card, business card, membership card, phone card, loyalty card, bonus card and so on. It is built-in feature of any keyboard. It is not limited to one type of keyboard. It may be used in stand-alone computer keyboard, notebook keyboard, cash register keyboard and so on. It allows to stable holds a card. The holder is also a good, dedicated place to put there a card or cards to prevent from loosing or forgetting them. Thanks to the holder, a person is able to use both hands to type on the keyboard meanwhile read the card.

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Keyboard Card Holder


Nowadays, in our wallets we can find more cards than bank notes or coins. We carry business cards, membership cards, phone cards, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty program cards, bonus cards... We use them by ourselves, we give them to others to be used.

It is impossible to stop using them. Wherever we go, we are given more and more cards. Many times useful things like calendars are of the shape of a credit card just because they fit ideally to our wallets. I cannot imagine that any of wallet or purse producers will be able to create new line of products without places for keeping cards there. The cards became inseparable part of our lives.

However, many times the usage becomes uncomfortable when we realize that we do not have "third hand" to hold our card. Such situation is especially troublesome while we have to type some data from the card using a keyboard. How many times each of us while surfing in the Internet wanted to write down some code/data/credentials from his/her card? The same problem occurs all the time. We may hold a card in right hand and use left hand to type what is on the card or we may use left hand and type with right hand. Both ways are slow, inconvenient and irritating. And the more frequently we use our cards or the more data we must type, the worse the situation becomes. Therefore it would be great to have additional helper, which will hold a card for us. Our tasks would be done much faster and in much more convenient way for sure.

And how many of us have already suffered from loosing an important card? How many will? I can describe this as a nightmare of lost cards which dropped down under the desk while we forgot about them for a while. Some short activities, not related to our cards, may effectively put to sleep our attention. Effectively enough to be sure that our card is already in our wallet and to forget picking it up from the floor. Probably everyone has at least one friend who lost his/her card in such way while being at internet cafe and e.g. doing some e-shopping. Having dedicated place for a card on the keyboard will prevent such situation from appearing again and again.

It would be also great if everyone who works with industry keyboards would be able to easily put a card like credit card or debit card in some place and benefit from using both hands. Personally, I face the same problem every time, when a cashier in supermarket takes my debit card to pay for my shopping. While waiting for approval being sent from my bank he/she doesn't know where to put my card because there is no designated place to simply hold the card. Therefore, many times a cashier helps me with packing my stuff using only one hand because in the second hand, there is... my debit card.

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Keyboard Card Holder is a device which must...