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Mixtures comprising Cinnamates, Benzotriazoles and Merocyanines Disclosure Number: IPCOM000189542D
Publication Date: 2009-Nov-12

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Full-UV-spectrum protection is expedient for ingredient protection in home and personal care applications. Described are combinations of cinnamate UV-B absorbers, benzotriazole broad-spectrum UV absorbers and merocyanine UV-AI absorbers providing full-spectrum protection. The superior stabilizing properties are illustrated by selected application examples. New home and personal care product formulations are also described.

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Mixtures comprising Cinnamates, Benzotriazoles and Merocyanines

Keywords: cinnamate derivatives; 2-hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole derivatives; merocyanine

UV absorbers; UV stabilizers; ingredient protection; consumer products.

Described is the use of stabilizer combinations consisting of cinnamate, benzotriazole and

merocyanine derivatives possessing full-UV-spectrum absorption properties for the

protection of body care and household products against the deleterious effects of light, heat

and oxygen.

Since consumers can choose from a large variety of Home & Personal Care products,

producers need to communicate clearly how their brands are unique. Sophisticated products

containing new fragrances and actives in many colourful formulations, displayed in

transparent and translucent packaging are very common.

It is mandatory for commercial success that the pleasant appearance, product efficacy and

the fresh smell of a consumer product will last during its whole product life cycle even when

exposed heavily to UV-light. This exposure can result in decomposition processes and strong

color fading destroying the product appearance, active ingredients and fragrances.

The ingredients of consumer products are effected differently by the different relevant UV

light ranges divided into UV-B, UV-AII and UV-AI. In order to achieve protection for a wide

range of ingredients it is important to offer protection over the whole UV spectrum.

Various stabilization techniques of clear packaged products by absorption of UV light are

commonly used and well known. For example the strong UV-B absorbing cinnamate filters

protect particularly those ingredients which are particularly sensitive to UV-B radiation.

The broad-band UV light stabilizers of the benzotriazole class enhance product's stability and

shelf live due to their very good UV-A and UV-B absorption properties.

The most effective stabilizers known as of today to prevent or delay light induced fading of

transparent packaged products are e.g. benzotriazoles like known under the trade names

TINOGARD® HS or TINOGARD® TL. These proved to be very effective, due to their

broadband absorption properties and strong extinction in the UV-A range.

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Merocyanine structures as disclosed in the patent applications WO 2004/006878, WO

2005/058269, WO 2006/016806 A1, WO 2006/009451, WO 2006/125676 A1, WO

2006/032741 A1, WO 2007/014848 and WO 2009/027258 possess superior UV-AI

absorbing properties and therefore are expedient for the protection of long-wave UV-A

sensitive ingredients.

These references also describe that the merocyanine UV absorbers can be mixed with any

other UV filter substance.

It was now found that the combination of the strong UV-B absorbing properties of cinnamate

stabilizers with the broad-spectrum absorbing properties of benzotriazole stabilizers and th...