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Composite Hat (CAP) Structure For Low Temperature Electronic Modules Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190114D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-17
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This publication describes a means to thermally isolate the periphery of an electronic module that has a low temperature cold end or evaporator attached to it in order to minimize the parasitic heat load to the cooling system.

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Composite Hat (CAP) Structure For Low Temperature Electronic Modules

Figure 1 illustrates a composite module hat structure per the invention. Said structure would be comprised of two main components: a peripheral frame 101 made of a low thermal conductivity material (such as a high strength plastic, a phenolic (G-10), or a structural foam), and a central core 102 made of a high thermal conductivity material (such as copper). The central core serves as the thermal bridge between the cold end or evaporator 103 of the low temperature cooling system and the heat dissipating chips 104 in the module. The peripheral frame would, serve as the portion of the hat/cap that is in physical contact with base plate 105 as illustrated in figure 1, or the substrate 201 as illustrated in figure 2.

    The composite hat/cap structure must be assembled in a manor such that the environmental protection (e. g. hermeticity) currently provided by existing hats/caps is maintained. For small modules where strain associated with thermal coefficient of expansion is relatively small, the frame 202 and the core 203 can be soldered, brazed, or epoxied together as shown in Figure 2. For larger modules where said strains would prohibit a metallurgical seal, a mechanical joint with a C-ring 106 similar to that used in current modules (Figure 1) can be used to join the frame and cor...