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Offline Direct Access Storage Device Volume Identification and Tracking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190189D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-19
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Mainframe systems have many volumes of Direct Access Storage Devices attached. Finding out information about online volumes is fairly simple using built-in system tools. Information about offline volumes is much less available to the casual user. This disclosure presents a methodology to access, store and use information about offline volumes. .

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Offline Direct Access Storage Device Volume Identification and Tracking

Offline Direct Access Storage Device Volume Identification and TrackingOffline Direct Access Storage Device Volume Identification and Tracking

     Many volumes of direct access storage devices are attached to Multiple Volume Systems . Although it is possible that end-users have all these volumes online at the same time, some end-users have some volumes online and some volumes offline. Current tools can be used to find online volumes and what their usage is; offline volumes cannot be accessed by the casual end-user. The problem solved by this invention deals with obtaining and keeping track of the unit addresses and volume serials of volumes when they are offline. This is particularly valuable when multiple end-users share a pool of volumes, especially if multiple volumes with the same volume serial are maintained. The current solution for handling this task is to keep a manual worksheet of some form; either paper or online, that holds previously configured statuses of the volumes as well as any other pertinent information. An improved solution is required because manual methods can make it hard to keep track of which unit addresses goes with what volume serial. For instance, if the end-user modifies the volumes heavily by changing their attributes, they would have to manually update the worksheet with updated information. This poses a problem because if the end-user forgets to change the worksheet and the volume is deactivated, the end-user has a difficult time determining the volume serial of the volume. In addition, it is difficult to have multiple people using the volumes and keeping the worksheet updated. Furthermore, varying an unknown volume online to determine its volume serial has the potential to cause problems with the volume or the system if that volume happens to be significant to the system or currently executing programs.

     The core idea of the invention involves giving the end-user some degree of access to the offline volumes without impacting the system by varying volumes online. This could be done by way of an add-on standalone program product or by taking the 'vary' command that is already functional and modifying it to report to the database. A 'vary' command is a command used to change the online status of a volume...