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System and Method for Automating Software Repository and License Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190386D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-26
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This disclosure is about a system for enterprise to manage deployment of purchased software. It has a component that can download software automatically from vendor site with proper license information. The license information is provided by a centralized license management system. The license information contains the software, valid period and the platform be installed. The downloaded software is put to a local repository for deploying to target machines. Once in repository, the download component can keep accessing the vendor site for upgrade version and patches based on the electronic license agreement. The downloaded upgraded version and patches will be in the repository for later planned upgrade of the production system. With this system, enterprise software delivery and deployment can be fully automated. No need to carry the large number of disks around and manually download the big packages from internet. It will ease the burden of keeping software deployment up to date with patches.

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System and Method for Automating Software Repository and License Management

An implementation of the disclosure is shown in following chart. The system can automatically gettingand deploy software with license information. The software and patch repository is used to store all software and related patches that this users in enterprise is entitled to use. The license/software registration component is for users to register available software license and usage restrictions. The deployment component is for deployingsoftware to proper machine/VMs at proper time (license update, new patch, the machine/VM is idle etc). It stores the result of the deployment to machine config infor db. The downloading component is for get softwarefrom wendor site and other sources based on the license information. The validation component is the central point for each component to get information from other components.

A typical working scenario of the system is as following. A user input purchased license with the link to vendor site of particular software to the software/license registration component. The downloading component checks the software/license registration component to get list of software to be downloaded. It then gets software from vendor's web site or disks. The software is deployed to target machines per users' setting and license agreement. The software validation component check the license, installed machine and vendor site t...