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Data Safety for Common Users with New Business Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190387D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Nov-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Nov-26
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As we know, there are many backup software (free or licensed) and hardware solutions to keep the data safe. But the worst thing for data safety is that the common users do not even know the data safety or backup concept. This disclosure will help common users to secure their data anywhere and anytime. It could be a kind of service provided by any computer producer and integrated in a cloud computing architecture. For example, the computer producer could reserve 20 Go of space for each Personal Computer owner in the storage infrastructure.

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Data Safety for Common Users with New Business Model

This disclosure is going to simplify the data backup/restore processes that the common users don't even know the concept by:
Providing 2 new hard buttons on the computer keyboard (backup/restore) to launch the backup/restore ofthe data. Indeed even the users don' t know how to use the application, the backup button launches the backup when he pushes it. And someone else could help him to restore the data when the user needs.

Providing a 2 doubles securities to data in backingup to local partition and remote server,
The backup of data will be executed at least for the data which is stored in the default directories set by the operating system, such as C:\Documents and Settings\

or /home/

Here's a snapshot of how the proposed method works:
1) Installation and configuration

The agent of the backup software is installed as a default application of the computer softwares package such as anti-virus or firewall

application. But the agent must be activated duringthe activation phase of the computer.

  During the activation phase, if the computer is connected to the network, the agent contacts the backup server and creates its own node on the backup server using a secure communication protocol and its MAC address, for example, to be identified as the only one known by the server.

   The default settings are set to backup common and useful directories such as :\Documents and Settings\

or /home/

. Indeed most of common users have their habits to store their data in the default directories proposed by the operating system (Windows, MAC OS or Linux). But additional directories could be added as candidates for backup using a drag and drop fea...