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New Approach for Real Time Analysis of Fracturing Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190450D
Publication Date: 2009-Nov-30

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The ability to interpret fracturing pressure data enhances the operator ability to, change the fracture design on the fly to either avoid problems or enhance success. Fracturing pressure data interpretation also enables the operator to judge whether a fracturing treatment is progressing as planned. The original technique for analysis of fracturing pressure data depended on coupling the power law for fracture propagation to fluid pressure and through dimensional analysis developed four possible scenarios that describe the behavior of the fracture. Although this technique is very valuable, sometimes a problem is caught too late to do much about it. This analysis delay is caused mainly by the logarithmic nature of the graph. In this paper, we present a technique that combines the basic power law for fracture propagation with well test analysis principles to analyze fracture pressure data. The developed technique is particularly suited to analyze fracture propagation in naturally fractured formations.