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Smart approach to find out the proper payment to deposit for a shipment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190498D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-03
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A smart approach to find the correct payment/authorization to deposit at order shipment, when there are multiple shipments and multiple payments for a signle order.

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Smart approach to find out the proper payment to deposit for a shipment

For credit card on-line payment for e-commerce, there are usually two main steps, authorization/approve and deposit/capture.

Authorization is usually triggered at order submitting, and deposit is usually triggered at shipment.

of the deposit and for most payment service provider, one authorization can only be deposited only onetime.

Take following scenario as an example:

One order is placed with order item A ($100) and order item B ($200) that have different shipping address, order item A is in stock, but order item B is out of stock. One credit card payment method is used for this order.


when the order is submited, if back-order is supported, only the amount of the in-stock item A($100)

there are two payments, payment A is authorized with amount

There are two releases for this order: release A(for item A), and release B(for item B). When the release A is shipped, amount $100 need to be deposited, but which of the two authorized payments should be used to deposit against?If Payment B($200) is used for the deposit of amount $100, then, the leftamount amount for this payment can not be used anymore since most payment service provider does not support multiple deposit against one authorization. Then later when the release B is shipped, amount $200 needs to be deposited, now only payment A($100) is left to use, in this case, another payment with amount $100 need to be authorized.

This is the first problem, correct authorized payment can not be found for at shipment,

against PSP.

Also, there is no relationship between the releases and

                                   the payments, but some e-commerce customers need to know one release is using which payment when integrating with external ERP or OMS.

There are following known solutions for how to choose a payment to deposit:
1. Choose the oldest payment to deposit against.
2. Choose the payment with the most amount to deposit against.

Whichever solution is used, it is possible that theamount need to be deposited is not equal to that of the choosed payment, thus the merchant needs creating more payment for this order. This means merchant will loss money because lots of payment service providers charge the merchant by the number of the payment....