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Optimized optical fiber output photonic needle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190501D
Publication Date: 2009-Dec-03
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Optimized optical fiber output photonic needle

    Needle interventions are widely used in the field of oncology for taking biopsies of tissue in order to inspect whether tissue is cancerous or not. To make these interventions more reliable feedback of what kind of tissue is in front of the needle is required. A way to achieve this is by making use of optical spectroscopy. This requires integration of fibers into the needle. These fibers are used to deliver light to illuminate the tissue in front of the needle and to collect back the reflected light from the tissue. The fibers are integrated in the needle from the proximal end to the distal end. The problem is that the fibers at the distal part end in the slanted area of the bevel of the needle. As a result the fiber ends are slanted with the same angle as the bevel, typically around 70 degrees. As a result light transmitted through the fiber is totally reflected at the fiber tip. A substantial part of the light is transmitted into the cladding of the fiber and lost.

The present invention proposes to make the fiber end exit orthogonal to the fiber axis,
i.e. 0 degrees. The fiber end is positioned just behind the end of the hole in the needle. The open space created in this way is that small that neither tissue nor fluid will enter this space. No part of the fiber protrudes the angled surf...