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Method and system for collaborative internet navigation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190505D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-03
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This article deal with a system providing the user with a method for a collaborative internet navigation.

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Method and system for collaborative internet navigation

Internet technology is becoming more and more a means of making companies more efficient. In the form of a private Intranet, Internet technology can enhance team productivity, foster communication, keep employees up-to-date and enable access to important documents.

    The practice of downloading documents, software programs or files in general from the network is widespread. For example consider an Intranet in which the employees are investment or property market brokers that need to access data from the Internet about stocks or property market changes.

    Those data are usually provided in the form of downloadable files, often very big, and having the possibility to work on local files rather then on the web clearly leads to an improvement in their performance. Because these files are usually big the employees spend much time downloading them, or finally avoid downloading and prefer consulting them on the web.

    In the context of these consistent downloading actions, anyway, there's the lack of optimization since the same file that an employee is downloading could have already been downloaded by others and could be available in the Intranet instead.

    Furthermore, the sanity and security check about the downloaded files is only demanded to the person who is downloading the file.

    All the people accessing an Intranet usually address the same type of Internet sites, requiring similar executables to answer their work's needs or enhance the tools they use (because they usually leverage the same tools). In short, they usually download the same files.

    Actually there is no way to automatically share all the files downloaded by everyone in the intranet, without performing any search in the colleagues' shared directories or even in a common repository every time they need to download a new file.

    It's the object of the current article to propose a method and a system to address all of the above issues providing and integrated and automatic system to improve the download of a file from a computer in an Intranet from both a performance and a safety/security point of view.

    According to such a solution the colleagues that access an Intranet automatically share all the downloaded files without worrying about searching files in shared directories.

When a new file has to be downloaded from the Internet during a user's navigation the system is able to detect if the file has already been downloaded by a colleague and, if it is, it provides a copy of the already downloaded file instead of downloading it again.

    The proposed solution is based on an additional plug-in that can be installed on top of currently available Internet browsers. This plug-in is responsible for creating, at the startup, shared directories in the file system wit...