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Console Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190540D
Publication Date: 2009-Dec-03
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A console assembly having a plurality of switches is provided. Preferably the console assembly is located in the overhead space of the vehicle cabin. Each of the plurality of switches is operable to enable/disable a vehicle function. For example, one of the switches is operable to enable/disable the sunroof, and another of the switches is operable to enable/disable the mood light. The switches may be a button (See Fig. A), and actuation of the button enables/disables the operation of the associated vehicle function. For instance, actuation of the button at an initial state wherein the function is enabled will cause the function to become disabled. Actuation of the same button then causes the function to become enabled. The invention provides for a switch to disable mood lighting in a vehicle. The invention provides for a switch to prevent the operation of a rear sunroof by a switch in the rear of the vehicle. The invention provides for locating said switches on the overhead console of the vehicle.

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    A console assembly having a plurality of switches is provided.  Preferably the  console assembly is located in the overhead space of the vehicle cabin.  Each of the  plurality of switches is operable to enable/disable a vehicle function.  For example,  one of the switches is operable to enable/disable the sunroof, and another of the  switches is operable to enable/disable the mood light.  The switches may be a  button (See Fig. A), and actuation of the button enables/disables the operation of  the associated vehicle function.  For instance, actuation of the button at an initial  tate wherein the function is enabled will cause the function to become disabled.   ctuation of the same button then causes the function to become enabled. 

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The invention provides for a switch to disable mood lighting in a vehic
2. The invention provides for a switch to prevent the operation of a rear  sunroof by a switch in the rear of the vehicle. 

3. The invention provides for locating said switches on the overhead console of  the vehicle. 



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