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Availability Calendar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190547D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-04
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The current solution is for implementing a calendar taking into account the availability of resources associated with the time activity planification of an application managing a user calendar.

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Availability Calendar

The calendar of the solution disclosed hereunder, the AvailabilityCalendar, contains a set of RunCycle objects;

each RunCycle object contains:
- the definition of the set of dates
- the definition of the time intervals to apply to its dates - the availability value

As usually, a complex combinations of different kind of rules is needed to describe the availability of a resource, the AvailabilityCalendar offers the possibility to combine more than one rule and any single rule offers different kind of methods to specify its own set of dates.


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The flexibility on the definition of the set of dates is given by the fact that:

1. the RunCycle offers 3 modes to generate dates
1. Manually specifying a list of dates (custom dates


2. Generating the set of dates through a recurrence rule
3. Importing an external Availability Calendar: it is possible to refer to an external calendar for both inclusive and exclusive parts

2. the RunCycle can have an "exclusive part" that can be used in case the user needs to exclude some dates generated by the inclusive part

3. It is possible to remove dates with any of the 3 possible modes available for the inclusive part. The removal of dates from the "inclusive" set of days is performed with the same options used in the inclusive pa...