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Dynamic Application Feature Set Loading, Depending Upon Runtime System Resource Availability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000190730D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-09
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Dynamic application feature set loading, depending upon runtime memory and network bandwidth availability, by switching from minimal version to full version and vice versa.

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Dynamic Application Feature Set Loading, Depending Upon Runtime System Resource Availability

In many situations, a user has to work on more than one application. Such applications share the available system resources such as memory and network bandwidth. These resources are limited on any system. But when a number of full featured applications are simultaneously running, the performance is hampered due to the limitation of resources.

For example,


limited memory and network resources, the performance of the system may be diminished. In such cases, even normal, small operations take more time than desired,

wasting the user's valuable time.

Many applications provide much of their functionality as small plug-ins. The plug-ins get loaded at runtime.

Also, in many applications, plug-in code is activated only when some

action is taken. But the user interface and underlying framework that supports the plug-ins also consumes considerable resources and makes the application "heavy".

This improved technique may be implemented as follows:

1. The application provider should provide more that one application executable. Each executable is provided with different feature sets (plug-ins) and hence different levels of resource consumption.

For example, assume that the executable code for an application that enables collaboration, is provided in three ver...