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Let your batteries rest: system and method for scheduled and green charging of devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191123D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-17
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System and method for delayed and scheduled battery charger for Mobile Phone, PDA, and other small electronic devices.

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Let your batteries rest: system and method for scheduled and green charging of devices

The main consideration about scheduled charger is the fact that devices are usually charged at night, and the difference between the usual time a man sleep (about 8 h) and the time a battery get charged (1 h) could cause a relevant energy and CO2 saving.

With the existing technology at night, before sleeping, the average user puts his mobile device (phone, GPS, PDA) in charge . This happens every night, in every corner of the world. The average night of sleep is about 8 hours but in the meanwhile the mobile phone(as any other modern mobile device, be it PDA, GPS, hand-held console), will be fully charged in less than one hour. For the remaining seven hour, the device will lose a little bit of his charge, then it get charged again, and so on. Wasted charge, of course. Very rarely any user may need a fully charged, up and running device for 3 'o clock in the morning: it is much more likely that the device need to be fully charged ad 8 o'clock. The previous charging is simply wasted, a damage both for the environment both for the battery life cycle.

    So it would be desirable to have the capability to set up an alarm like: the user need to have this mobile device fully charged for 7:30 AM. The charging procedure in this way will start not immediately when the char...