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Mechanisms for mounting and control of heavy movable equipment blade

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Publication Date: 2009-Dec-17
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Means to allow a heavy and cumbersome assembly such as a storage blade to slide in and out of an enclosure in a controlled manner, while maintaining electrical connections and holding it firmly in place and supported in all positions.

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Mechanisms for mounting and control of heavy movable electrical equipment blade


Certain disk drive arrangements, such as when many drives are mounted on a blade, can result in a heavy and cumbersome assembly, with the need to slide the blade in and out of the enclosure in a controlled supported manner.  Careful handling is required, including maintaining the electrical connections, ensuring that it is held firmly in position and that it is supported in all positions, in order to allow “hot” switching of drives for maintenance.

The solution is an assembly of components which provides the features described in the next section, in particular:

1.      The provision of easily accessible mounting locations for the drive assembly which also has guidance features allowing simple and easy fitment to support bracket.

2.      The provision of a lock for holding the blade onto the support, preventing it from being dislodged until this is actually required.

3.      An automatic lock mechanism which holds the support structure in the outer position whenever the blade is removed, again making fitment easier because the support cannot move until the drive is fitted.

4.      The control of the electrical connections to the drives, releasing them only when required and remaking them automatically when the blade is refitted, removing the need for manual intervention, thus keeping hands free to hold the drives;

Description of the invention

Fig. 1 shows a high strength support bracket designed to hold the mass of the drive assembly blade in the outermost position, allowing access to all drives including the rearmost drives, without removing the blade.  The support bracket has been installed in an enclosure, and is in the position where it is ready to accept a blade which is being offered up to the support bracket.  The support bracket can move in and out of the enclosure, but when it is in the shown position, with no blade installed, it is locked in position by two top latches which engage with holes in the enclosure.  These latches can be seen in fig. 2.

Also shown in fig.1 are electrical connectors on the rear of the blade and on the support bracket.  Attached to the support bracket, and capable of moving vertically, is the connector bracket on which the connector is mounted.

At the top and bottom of the support bracket are mounting sockets which accept the mounting pins located at the top and bottom of the blade.  Fig. 3 shows a close-up of the components around the bottom of the support bracket, including the blade locking arms and the manual release button.

To mount the blade onto the support bracket the top mounting pins are lowered into the top mounting sockets, and then the blade pivots around the top mounting sockets so that the bottom mounting pins move horizontally into the bottom mounting sockets.  In this state...