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Method and process for allowing instant message content depending on recipient location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191193D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-21
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A user of an instant message client typically may interact with many users in many locations. An example of this is a user within an organisation such as a corporation or academic institution send an instant message to another user while the user is in an external location. The message may be personal, may be regarding different organisations that the user is discussing, and so forth. The problem addressed by this disclosure is where an inappropriate instant message is sent to a recipient at an external location. The sender of the message may not be aware of the location of the recipient. Examples of this includes friends who commonly chat together complaining about something may send a message when one of them is on a client site complaining about the same client or detailing contract details for the clients competitors. The existing solution to this is to turn off instant messaging while in an external location or hide the screen so no one can see the messages as they arrive.

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Method and process for allowing instant message content depending on recipient location

The instant message client software will introduce the concept of blacklisted terms. Each term will have a group and a severity assigned to it.

    The following list describes the scenarios where patent numbers and product keyword names are to be restricted. The words "Europa" and "Fudgemaker" are real and hypothetical names of unannounced products. The * mask is used to represent wild card characters. The use of the 07** *** *** mask is to look for internal phone numbers.

Keywords Group Severity

GB8-****-**** All External High

GB8-****-**** Internal Medium GB8-****-**** IPLaw Low 07** *** *** All External High 07** *** *** Internal Medium 07** *** *** Friends Low Tie-line All External Low Europa All External High Europa External on an NDA list Low Europa Internal Low FudgeMaker All External High

Special cases would exist for profanity by searching for known words.

Profanity All External High

Profanity Internal Low

    The severity dictates the users warning level. For example, if a blacklisted term being sent to a group produces a high severity the instant message would be sent to the user via email and the user informed. Medium severity would flag up a warning on the receiver's computer warning the message may not be appropriate that is being sent. In another implementation corrective action could be defined so profanity words and mobile pho...