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Methods of Transmitting Data from a Power Module to an Electrical Appliance II Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191239D
Publication Date: 2009-Dec-22
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A cordless plug and socket connector for an electrical appliance, for example an electric water heater, in which at least one of the plug or socket parts includes an emitter or receiver so that wireless transmission of signals can be transmitted from one part of the cordless appliance to another part of the cordless appliance without the need for a circular light guide.

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Figure 1

Isometric of a receiver 1a attached in a vertical plane in the electrical appliance part 3 with transmitter 1a attached

in a horizontal plane to a lightguide 2a in the base part 4.

The appliance part and the base part are shown disconnected.

The appliance part electrical cordless connector 5 and the corresponding basepart cordless 6 connector are also


In an alternative embodiment at least one of the emitter or receiver 1a and the light guide 2a could be incorporated

into at least one of the discrete connectors 5 or 6.

In a further embodiment the emitter 1a and the receiver 1acould be aligned directly (or sufficiently directly) within

at least one part of the cordless connector sothat there is no need for the light guide.

In a further embodiment either or both of the emitter 1a and receiver 1a could be mounted above or below an

aperture in the either of the cordless connector parts 5 and 6 so that the signal is transmitted through the aperture.







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