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SOFT DOOR CLOSURE SYSTEM Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191324D
Publication Date: 2009-Dec-29
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The present invention proposes a soft door closure system for an appliance, such as an oven. The door closure system incorporates at least one snubber into the latch mechanism of the access door. This integrated snubber slows down and softens the closure of the access door of the appliance, thereby reducing the noise levels associated with it.

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The present invention relates generally to home appliances, and more particularly to a home appliance door closure system.

Normally, appliances such as ovens and dishwashers have access doors. Typically, a latch and plunger switch assembly is used to ensure proper closure of the access doors. Further, the plunger switch may provide an indication to the appliance control the status of the access door, such as whether the door is open or closed or in self- cleaning operation. The latch and plunger switch assembly ensures that the appliance door is closed and latched before the self-cleaning cycle is initiated in an appliance.

The access doors are preloaded at the hinge such that the door is fully closed towards the end of a stroke. This often results in loud closing noises under certain conditions, such as door slamming. These loud noises are quite an irritant for a user and completely undesirable. In an effort to reduce the loud closing noises, many high end products have attempted to minimize the noise levels by softening the closure mechanism and eliminating this slamming scenario. Further, conventional appliance door systems may incorporate a dampening effect into the hinge assembly itself.  However, these conventional door systems do not provide a degree of freedom for an independent door construction and for the construction of hinge system.

Therefore, it is desirable to have a simple and soft closure system for home appliances that minimizes the closing speed of the access door.



Figure 1 is a top view of an exemplary embodiment of a snubber integrated into a latch and switch assembly, with the access door in an open position, in accordance with the present invention.


Figure 2 is a top view of an exemplary embodiment of a soft close door system, with the access door in a closed position, in accordance with the present invention.



The present invention can be applied to all domestic appliances that have at least one access door. As shown in Figure 1, the present invention has at least one snubber integrated into the latch...