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Interactive trading of seats based on user profiles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191361D
Original Publication Date: 2009-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2009-Dec-31
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The problem this invention solves is to optimize the preferences of seating/location of passengers before their trip starts, this can be relevant for flights, travel by bus or train, in general any situation where passengers buy a ticket for traveling. Additional cases where this patent is solving the same problem can be for cases where someone bought seats / locations for seeing a sport activity, show, etc. or even going to a restaurant. Last but not least another situation when this invention can be relevant is for hotel reservations.

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The problem to be solved is the fact that if we take as an example flight, people are not always happy with their seat assignment given by their agent, this in best case is optimized to give him window or aisle, front or rear of the plane. But the agent has usually a limited view of the entire plane, and can only chose from vacant seats. Moreover he isn't taking into account additional factors that are of importance to the passengers, such as beside who the passenger seats. So for example some people have hard constraints, like a religious person may not want to seat next to a young


     On the other hand friends who suddenly meet at the airport, and are not seating next to each other may want to change their seats. Typically all these requirements are been worked by the crew before the plane is taking off and/or during the flight. Moreover in many cases no optimal solutions are found and people have to compromise and remain unsatisfied or insulted from the service since their requests could not be fulfilled. With our system we can raise the satisfaction level of passengers since we can optimize even further such as to take into account areas of interest of passengers and allow them to sit together to have a more enjoyable trip.

    Today there are no systems to allow people to share a profile with their interest, seating constraints, and their areas of interest. The systems today only allow to select a seating place based on physical locations without considering the people next to whom one seats. Same goes for shows or hotel reservations.

    This invention propose to build an interactive system that companies (such as mentioned above)

will allow their customers/

                            passengers to share their profile, constraints and indications if they are interested to change the location and if yes under what constraints. This system will allow any one who bought a ticket or made a reservation to log into it and view the layout of say the airplane with the details of the profile of other passengers (those who are willing to share it), their status which can be "not interested to make a change", or "looking to make a change under some constraints or preferences" or "open for suggestions", etc.. The system will allow users to place their request in case they can't find a relevant option currently into a shared space so other users logging into the system can easily see the list and start from that or alternatively just approach via some communication any other passenger.

    The profile one can share in the system is an open profile, composed of things such as : areas of interest, religion, destination, sex, age, language, occupation, etc. The system will also support custom attributes,

where users can

add their own attributes to the profile. In addition the profile will include a set of constraints, such as "can't seat next to a women due to religion". These constraints are important since if someone is interested to...