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System and method for fast-forward or fast-backward ads resistancy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191469D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-05
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The present invention relates to a system and method for fast-forward or fast-backward ads' resistancy.

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System and method for fast-forward or fast-backward ads resistancy

Advertising elements are most of the time skipped by users which use fast-forward commands. In some Video On Demand systems, or some DVDs, the fast-forward commands are not possible when ads are displayed. The system of the present invention is providing an alternative way to have some ads displayed even if the video content is displayed in fast-forward mode.

Figure 1

     As shown in figure 1, the video flux is analyzed and time-stamped. Metadata is stored in a MPEG21 format (from the Moving Picture Experts Group aiming at defining an open framework for multimedia applications) to save for each video portion:

T start

T end
Content (video or ads)

Image to be displayed or URL to be used for ad in "normal" mode Image(s)to be used in "fast" mode.

Figure 2


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     As shown in the figure 2, the set-top-box or the reader is detecting reading mode change from normal to fast (forward or backward). At that time t, the video is resized (for example by respecting homothetic transformations), and placed in the corner of the video display. In the figure 2 exemple, if t

t3, images shown are those of the film producer.

Else, if t1<t<t2, the displayed image is the IBM logo (the logo may be the one of the beverage sponsoring the video or th...