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Ads normalisation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191470D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-05
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Disclosed is a system and method for the normalization of advertisements displayed on web browsers

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Ads normalisation

Most of the time, when a user is using a web browser, he wants to display interesting information. Some areas of the computer usually support less attention of the user as reported by eye tracking tools and associated studies. But said areas may be still used to display contents present in web sites being browsed, but in a reorgnaized way (to have the active zone displayed on the main area while unwanted contents are reorganized and confined in predetermined areas). The proposed system allows the user to customize and to configure areas of the display in a web browser interface, via a graphical user interface and which transformations apply to all or a subset of web pages.

System and method description:

    As shown on figure 1, the user defines a display template. The menu area is not modified. The "search" area is defined on the right frame (for example ; other areas for RSS feeds can also be defined). If no search option is selected, this part of the template is ignored (leaved unchanged or replaced by another element). An "ads" area is defined at the bottom of the page (or elsewhere in the page at the convenience of the user). Areas are bounded in the display of the page, they support the possibility of zoom, cropping, masking, etc. The user also define the graphic template (font, size, colours, ...) as well as other user pref...