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Method for Automated Meta Policy Creation in Policy Analysis Across Distributed Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191509D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-06
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A method is disclosed for automated creation of a meta-policy necessary to perform analysis on a set of policies.

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Method for Automated Meta Policy Creation in Policy Analysis Across Distributed Systems

Members of distributed, teams with dynamic membership need to be able to author policies for team operations, tasks, and activities. A critical step in the planning for these operations is the authoring of a set of policies that defines allowed actions during the operation. Team members use a policy authoring tool to create sets of policies for operations, and the tools provide a format for the content of the policies. A policy authoring tool may provide authors a predefined set of attributes to work with in the policy format. A policy author may need to add new attributes to the policy tool for particular operations. Authors of policy sets need to be able to analyze the

policy sets using algorithms to identify a range of possible problems, and resolve them,

prior to

deployment of policies for automated enforcement during team operations. In order for the

policy analysis algorithms to identify potential issues, a meta-

policy must have previously been

defined that covers the entire set of possible attributes for the policy analysis. Currently, these meta-

policies are created manually by experts in policy analysis. This is a bottleneck for team

operations as policies must be created and modified before and during team operations.

The method for automated creation of the meta-

policy will identify all the attributes involved in

the policy space, and with information about the policy formats for the newly created and existing policy sets, will create the me...