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User/Server Site Protocol: Network Host Questionnaire (RFC0112) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191557D
Original Publication Date: 1971-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-07
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T.C. O'Sullivan: AUTHOR


Attached is a summary of the responses to the referenced questionnaires.

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Network Working Group                                      T. O'Sullivan Request for Comments: 112                  Raytheon Data Systems Company NIC: 5816                                                  April 1, 1971

          User/Server Site Protocol Network HOST Questionnaire                   (Reference RFC #106, NIC Note 5776)

   Attached is a summary of the responses to the referenced    questionnaires.

   The questions involving terminal support were of interest to members    of the User/Service Site Protocol Committee in its considerations of    TELNET.

   The summary points out some of the key differences between line-at-    a-time and character-at-a-time (or both) in handling terminal    support, especially with respect to control characters.  The    information may prove useful as background information to TELNET    implementers.

   If errors of interpretation of any sites' answer have occurred,    please advise me at the following address so that I may update the    chart.

                                         Tom O'Sullivan                                          Raytheon Data Systems                                         ...