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Method for providing contextual information about previous communications with specific individuals Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191662D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-11
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This article describes a method of automatically providing a user of e-mail or instant messaging software with contextual information relating to previous interactions with third parties. This enables the user to recall previous discussions with the contact and helps to provide information on your conversation history with this person.

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Method for providing contextual information about previous communications with specific individuals

In a large organisation, an employee can often receive e-mails or Instant Messaging (e.g. Sametime*) messages from colleagues who they have had little or no prior contact with. Alternatively they could receive contact from someone they have worked with in the past, but haven't spoken for quite some time.

    For example, I have just received a Sametime from Dave Jones, whose name sounds familiar. I'm sure I've spoken to him before, but I can't remember what about.

    The current way to find out would be a manual trawl through any Sametime transcripts or a Lotus Notes* archive to find any references to that person. Alternatively you could ask them directly, but this could be awkward.

    Upon receipt of a Sametime chat or e-mail, the recipient would have the option of pressing a button in the GUI to say "Provide previous discussion details". This system would automatically trawl through a pre-set catalog of electronic communication logs, including (but not limited to) Lotus Notes archives, Sametime transcripts and Voice over IP (VOIP) records to search for any prior communications with this contact.

    If no records are found, a simple statement saying "No prior conversations found" would be displayed.

    If any records are found, a simple display would show the date and time of the...