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Methods to avoid hot key conflicting and improve hot key usage. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191717D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-13
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Disclosed is a method to avoid hot key conflicting and improve hot key usage. The core idea of the disclosure is to define a mechanism / application that 1) builds up a scheme to record all of the hotkey used in Operation System level, and keep it in a registry; 2) is able to capture the hotkey user key in before application level did; 3) is able to search the registry to provide a list of application using this hot key; 4) is able to dispatch the hot key to the application user select; and 5) is able to cast one hotkey to multiple applications. Accordinfly, the disclosure can obtain the following advantages : 1. Fix hot key conflicting between applications. 2. Provide an alternate way to use a hot key across applications.

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Methods to avoid hot key conflicting and improve hot key usage .

1. Problem Statement - A hot key (or accelerator key, shortcut key, key combo, etc.) is a key or set of keys that performs a predefined function. These functions can often be done by sequences of few keystrokes, such as opening a file, copying and pasting. A hot key is widely used in software products to reduce keystrokes to save user's time. For example, Ctrl+V is a common hot key in almost all applications to paste contents of clipboard at cursor. It is convenient but it also bring some problems.
1.1 Hot key conflicting - The limited number of hot key choices often cause the duplicate hot key between different applications. It sometimes cause no response for the hot key input, that will affect user experience. It 's also hard to avoid in advance, because users will never know which hot key will be used by other application. For example, a Ctrl+S is a 'save' command in one application, but it is a 'sort' command in another.
1.2 Limitation of hot key usage - For most of the cases, hot key works on active window in default. If users want to use a serial of hot keys to implement some tasks in multiple application, user need to switch in different application by themselves. For example, a user use Ctrl to copy some information from browser, and want to paste it into text editor. The user need to switch to the editor and click Ctrl+V.

2. Summary of Invention: The invention discloses a method to avoid hot key conflicting and improve hot key usage. The core of this invention is to define a mechanism / application that
2.1. Build u...