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Borderless arbitrary aspect ratio display screen Disclosure Number: IPCOM000191854D
Publication Date: 2010-Jan-18
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Borderless arbitrary aspect ratio display screen

    As on current displays often image formats have to be displayed which do not match the aspect ratio of the display screen, there appear often black bars on top/ bottom or left/ right side of the screen.

    This ID discloses the displaying on a (near) borderless display screen instead of the black bars an image of the space behind the screen. In this way the black part of the screen becomes virtually invisible and a picture or video of arbitrary size and aspect ratio (within the screen size) can be displayed borderless and without black bars.

    A light detector and/or camera can be used to adapt the background image to lighting conditions, ambilight or the viewer's position.

    The picture to be displayed may be of arbitrary size and aspect ratio and is scaled until the horizontal or the vertical edges reach the borders of the screen and then displayed as an opaque overlay on the stored image of the scene behind the screen.

    In a first embodiment the display screen has a video, RGB, HDMI, USB or memory card interface and a memory to receive and store a picture of the scene behind the display screen. The picture is taken with e.g. a digital camera from the usual viewing position to get a proper perspective. Plural pictures, e.g. taken with different ambient lighting, can be stored and manually selected as background image. The image properties of the pictures, like size, posit...