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Event based browser history version control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000192211D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-20
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Disclosed is a device (system, circuit, etc.) for event based browser history version control. Browsing history is maintained in a version control system with all events leading to changes in the browser rendering being stored in the history along with associated rendering source changes.

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Event based browser history version control

It is a common desire to view previously visited web content. Various solutions exist for the basic problem:

Creating "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" which store links to a web page

"Forward" and "Back" buttons in a web browser
Caching of web pages for searching such as that of the AppleTM SafariTM web browser "History View" feature first available in Version 4
The above solutions tend to assume that web pages remain static between views/searches, but some pages change daily, hourly, or even more frequently. To deal with changing pages, other solutions exist such as:

Websites that store different views of web sites, such as The Internet Archive: (

Tools that allow a person to view pages captured on different days, such as Zoetrope: (

These offerings though do not necessarily insure that a user can return to something they

previously saw in their browser. As technologies like DHTML (dynamic HTM) and AJAX

(asynchronous JavaScriptTM and XML) become more widely used on the web, individual web

pages change content not only between viewings, but the content of a page might change several

times during a single viewing. There is no easy way to search and navigate dynamically changing state within pages and during page views.

The invention can be explained by comparing web browsing to viewing a DVD. Typically, one uses the PLAY button to watch the show. This is like typical web browsing. When a user wants to go back, a web browser has a back button to go to the previous page. This is like the "skip" back control button for a DVD which moves back to the previous chapter or track. However, a DVD remote typically also has a "search" back control button which allows the user to go back by frames instead of chapters. The invention adds functionality to the web browsing experience akin to this "search" back.

The invention uses an SCM (Software Configuration Management) system to track all changes in a web page while the page is being viewed. Users then have the option of moving backwards (and then forwards again) through a web page viewing. Als...