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Method and apparatus to effective transmit virtual scene through network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000192674D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Jan-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Jan-28

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More and more people come to virtual world. With the development of virtual world, more requests raise for the terminal client such as GPU, Hard-Disk and CPU. However the trend is that computation ability and storage capability will be move to server side. And client side becomes more and more light-wight such as cell phone. So the 3D render will be run in the server side and the client only does a viewer job to show the images. Now the mass data of image transmission become a big problem. The present invention provides an effective method to transmit the image sequence for sever side rendering. Every 3d engine has a render queue. All the objects are divided into various render queue. Each render queue won’t be changed every frame. The constant render queue needn’t be transmitted. The objects in each queue are corresponding to movable objects of the render engine. 3d render engine is fit for object-based encoding. So every object can be expressed with a separate image. Based above two points, the invention omit the unchanged layer and only transmit the movement vector of the object.