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Touch Tone Assistant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000192819D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Feb-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Feb-03
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Method for a laptop computer to dial a legacy telephone.

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Touch Tone Assistant

Disclosed is a method for enhancing a laptop computer to enable the computer to dial a telephone number from any legacy telephone.

The proposed idea will use the existing speaker and components of the laptop computer to dial a telephone number from a legacy telephone. Legacy telephones have no wired or wireless connection to the laptop computer. These legacy telephones dial a number by making sounds that a subscriber trunk dialing system uses to make the telephone connection. Advanced phones today can connect to the laptop computer using a wireless protocol. Legacy telephones have no such capabilities. When the user of the laptop wishes to place a call that user would pick up the telephone receiver and place it next to the laptop's speaker. The user of the laptop would then select a phone number to dial from any data source that exists on the laptop. The proposed idea would make use of a right click of the mouse button to select a task that could be labelled "Speaker Dial". This task would take the selected telephone number and convert that telephone number into either a touch tone dial sequence or a pulse dial sequence. The subscriber trunk dialing system of the telephone would then dial the selected number based on the sounds produced by the laptop computer's speakers.

In summary the proposed idea allows a laptop computer to dial a legacy telephone from data sources on the laptop.