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Notification of changes to the "cc" and "to" with an email trail Disclosure Number: IPCOM000192849D
Original Publication Date: 2010-Feb-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2010-Feb-04
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Disclosed is a method for a notification of changes to the "cc" and "to" with an email trail

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with an email trail

Email is one of the most common and heavily relied upon methods for communication today. Thus, it is important to know when you have received a new email with an established email trail, especially if the "To:" and "CC:" have been changed. This may impact on one's response to a given email. This is especially important when the email trail may involve customer information, and any new additions to the "To:" and "CC:" may contain customer's email address. Extra cautions may be needed when additional "To:" or "CC:" addresses are added.

The information of the original mailing list is embedded in the email trail, so any changes to the "To:" and "CC:" are easily detected by the email application.

A straight forward string comparison between the previous email and the current email in the email trail is performed. If there is a difference, then an indicator will be added to the email list. For example, when the user opens the email, the added user's name may be highlighted either with Bold or a different color, or both.

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