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ESD Brush Stopper for Low Cost DE transporter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000193478D
Publication Date: 2010-Feb-25
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Disclosed is a device that improves on the stoppage mechanism for manual hard drives transporter. This invention aims to reduce the shock on a moving drives carrier with the end railing

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ESD Brush Stopper for Low Cost DE transporter

  The final process of hard disk drive manufacturing includes label pasting of the drives and packing them into boxes. The 2 processes are separated into 2 individual stations (Figure 1), with one operator at the packing station and 2 operators at the label printing stations. In order to move the drive to the packing station from the label printing station, the operator uses a low cost drive transporter (Figure 2). The operator places the drive on a file nest with wheels and pushes it manually.

Figure 1

An inverse V shape metal plate stopper was initially proposed to reduce the impact when the file nest reaches the end of the railing. However, two problems arise from this mechanism. The rigid and lack of flexibility of the metal stopper had caused abrupt stops. The force needed to stop the transporter created shock and vibration to the transporter which thus impacts on the drive. The surface of the metal plate also tends to wear off due to the friction of the metal plate stopper and the metal wheels. The rough worn off surface then causes the wheel of the transporter to get stuck. The introduction of the brush stopper described herein is to solve the two issues faced by the metal plate stopper.

Newton's law of motion explains that a moving object can be stopped when an equal force in an opposite direction is applied on the object. The idea of the brush stopper


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