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Managing folder of emails as single entity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000193833D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-10
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Some email software are able to archive emails and then organize them in folders. Usually, these folders are related to specific subjects and therefore all the inner emails are about the same subject. If you want another user have all the emails related to this subject, the only thing which can be done is to send all the inner emails one by one. This idea is about managing the entire folder and its content as a single email so that the recipient will have the folder, with its content, displayed in his own email client and could manage it as a single entity (he could for instance archive it so to have the same data of the sender, also organized in the same way, with a few clicks).

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Managing folder of emails as single entity

The method for managing an entire folder and its content as a single e-mail is as follows:

- The sender will select a folder in his archive, right click it and select "send folder".
- A new memo is opened where recipients can be specified.

The subject will be the name of the folder.

All the inner emails are referenced in the body of this email.

This means that the folder will be considered, from the email client perspective, as an email that works as a logical container to which the inner emails are linked.
- When the folder/email is sent, the client will go through the body list and send also the linked emails.
- Once received, both the folder email and the inner emails, the new client will recognize which email is the folder and recreate the structure on recipient side.

The new client will display a folder with the name of the original folder and the inner emails.

Internally, the email software performs the following steps:

On sender side,
- when the "send folder" button is clicked, a unique id is generated for the folder/container email and assigned to the message-id header field of this email.
- A unique message-id is also generated for each one of the inner emails.
- The message-ids for all the e-mails of the folder are then listed in the body of the folder/container email.
- Optional fields can be exploited to flag the folder/container email and the inner emails so that they can be distinguished.
- At sending time, t...