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Method and System for Automatically Dispatching Tickets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000193865D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-11
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A method and system for automatically dispatching tickets to appropriate skilled resources is disclosed. The appropriate skilled resources are identified based on history of dispatched tickets.

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Method and System for Automatically Dispatching Tickets

Disclosed is a method and system for automatically dispatching tickets to appropriate skilled resources. Each ticket corresponds to a task that is required to be performed by an appropriate skilled resource. For example, a ticket may be a problem ticket generated by a customer. In order to effectively perform the task, the appropriate skilled resource having the required skillset is automatically identified. The appropriate skilled resource may be identified from a set of skilled resources distributed across the globe. The skilled resource is identified based on a history of dispatched tickets. Subsequently, the ticket is dispatched to the appropriate skilled resource.

The disclosed method begins by intercepting a ticket generated by a customer. The ticket is ensured to be complete and in standard format. Further, a problem corresponding to the ticket is determined. Thereafter, dispatched tickets that are similar to the ticket in terms of problem, urgency and complexity are identified based on collective knowledge of subject matter experts. Skilled resources that solved the problems associated with the dispatched tickets similar to the ticket are identified. Subsequently, a list of skilled resources that could solve the problem is prepared. The list is prepared by considering parameters such as size of project, local culture and implementation cost. Additionally, individual performances of the skilled resources based on resolution time and quality are also considered for preparing the list of skilled resources. Subsequently, the appropriate skilled resource is identified.

In order to indentify the appropriate skilled resource, the disclosed method uses a dispatching model. The dispatching model is trained with data related to the history of dispatched tickets. The history of dispatched tickets is obtained by identifying tickets corresponding to a problem. Techniques such as pattern recognition and decision trees are used to identify dispatched tickets corresponding to the problem. The history of dispatched tickets includes information regarding the skilled resource who received a dispatched ticket and performance of the skilled resource. The performance may be based on time and quality of the task performed by the skilled resource. The history of disp...