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The method of associate E-mails with Calendar entry to organize E-mails more sense Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194021D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-16
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In current E-Mail system (Lotus, Outlook, Gmail), E-mail management is independent from calendar entry. For example, you received a invitation and add it into your Calendar, sometimes there are many E-mails discussed for the meeting topic before or after meeting. If you want find all of related E-mails for this meeting in your E-mail system, current possible way is you go through all of E-mails to find them. If the event happened a long time ago, you go through all of E-mails and find related E-mails is difficult. My invention is build connection between Calendar entry(Meeting, Appointment, Reminder, etc. ) and E-mails, when you received/write an E-mail, you can associate it with specified Calendar entry. Later at anytime, when you open a Calendar entry, you can click a button/menu(Display Associated E-mails) to get all of associated E-mails, and these emails will be displayed in an individual view. And since there’s connection between E-mails and Calendar entry, you also can find related Calendar entry from specified E-mail. In this way, you can easily get all of related E-mails for specified event, it’s very helpful for you check specified information.

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The method of associate E -

-mails with Calendar entry to organize E

mails with Calendar entry to organize E -

-mails more sense

mails more sense

There are many ways to implement this invention : to build connection between Calendar entry with E -mails. I will introduce my simple solution here:
To implement this invention , we need take care of following facets :
1. For Calendar entry:
1.1. Create identify information for each Calendar entry (we can reference invitation reference ), This identify information will used by related E-mails.

1.2. Create new button/menu (Display Associated E-mails), when user click this button /menu, an individualview will display related E-mails

2. For E-mail:
2.1. Add new attribute(CEID: Calendar Entry Identify Information ) to E-mail, Identify information of associated Calendar entry will save into this field. So this filed saved link with specified Calendar entry .

2.2. Add a button/menu (Associate to Calendar Entry ), when we selected the E-mails, Click this button/menu, E-mail system will go to Calendar view, after user select/new specified Calendar entry . E-mail system will get identify information of Calendar entry . and save it to E-mail attribute (CEID: Calendar Entry Identify Information ).

2.3. If User click button/menu (Display Associated E-mails) in Calendar entry, E-mail system query out all of E -mails which attribute(CEID: Calendar Entry Identify Information ) equal with identify information of current Calendar entry , then open individual view to display them .

2.4. Add button/menu(Display Associated Calendar Entry ) to E-mail which linked with Calendar entry , if you click this button /menu, will open linked Calendar entry in individual view

See following Lotus scenarios for exampl...