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Shared Web Environment for Drafting, Modeling and Authoring Web Content without Programming Language. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194397D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-22
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The Web Environment for Drafting (or WEB Drafter) is designed to companies that have already standards for their Web sites where the marketing group can customize and share among communities their own pages without a production team or a technical group supporting them on its development, saving a good amount of time and money with a user friendly interface.

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Shared Web Environment for Drafting , Modeling and Authoring Web Content without Programming Language.

Disclosed is a process for Web-based and marketing functions to create a corporate identity among branch offices and/or subsidiaries around the globe. Using the disclosed process provides a capability for a strong brand value with a consistent communication presence. The Web Environment for Drafting (or WEB Drafter) is designed for companies that already have standards for company Web sites in which a marketing group may customize pages and share pages among communities. The customization and sharing may occur without a production team or a technical group supporting the marketing group during web development, saving resources.

The disclosed process provides a modular solution that allows an easy way to expand templates in use. The disclosed process is highlighted by savings to companies with external marketing and publicity agencies because of a capability to enable the final users to transfer their own ideas in several pieces including mockups, drafts, folder layouts, and web pages.

The same capability is also shared with professionals involved in daily work including chief executive officers, chief information officers and other executives to deliver a powerful solution to reach clients and spread the message as needed.

Typical solutions in the marketplace with similar function are content management systems of content management tools enabling a non-technical person to update a web site making the web site dynamic and easy to maintain. However, using the disclosed process, users can draft pages similar to a white board based solution. The users can draft on company standards with a single mouse click and with text selection, selecting varieties of colors, styles and links preset in a configuration, without forms to fill.

The disclosed process provides dynamism with a dashboard area to share work under construction among team members by allowing the team members to contribute through creation and interaction at any level, area or time, since all construction is web based.

The disclosed process describes a Web environment in which a user is able, through a client browser such as, Internet Explorer, Firefox and others to construct a web page without technical knowledge using standards and templates as a guide to determine the page appearance. The created pages can be used in business presentations, marketing and content revisions.

The environment generates a default page based on a template, for example web pages standards of a company. User can provide content for the page including titles, right or left navigation material, or main content, with the information that is important to the user, without a need to develop any code, such as hypertext markup language (HTML) or JavaScript. Users can also edit a pa...