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Updating Files with Dynamic Source Control Driven Templates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194442D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-24

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Many times during development files contain duplicate or near identical sections. When a change needs to be made to one of these sections, that change must be made to every file separately through one of the following methods: 1. Users create a template within Eclipse that says with every new file creation a informational tag should be added to the beginning of the document. 2. The developers copy and paste the information to the beginning of each file manually. 3. The developers write some code to do step #2 for them. One such example is a file's copyright statement. If a team of developers is producing code that will be used external to the organization, it is encouraged to add Copyright comments throughout the code. While these work-arounds as described in steps 1 - 3 get the copyright data on each file it can be cumbersome if the information in the copyright statement changes. The proposed invention solves the problem of getting dynamically changeable informational messages onto a document utilizing data from version/source control systems.