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Method to Use Voice ID of caller to alter recipient's cellphone functionality Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194443D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-24

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In many instances it is not socially acceptable and is often disruptive for a cellphone to ring during a meeting. So the user sets the phone to either off or vibrate mode. The problem is that no calls can be received when the phone is in off mode; and the phone must be physically worn by the user to receive calls when the phone is in vibrate mode. This invention would allow the phone to alter the device's normal behavior in such situations. Consequently, in this disclosure an invention is proposed that uses the voice ID signature of an incoming caller to alter the normal function of the receiving mobile device according to rules defined by the device owner. The invention has multiple advantages as follows. This invention works independent of the phone number of the incoming caller. The device can receive phone calls when the phone is off. A technique for introducing incoming callers to an established conference call is also included.