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Method and System for providing Cohort and Socialized Vehicle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194480D
Publication Date: 2010-Mar-26
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A method and system for providing cohort and socialized vehicles is disclosed. The method and system enables a vehicle to identify any objects near to the vehicle and to emit an audible sound to warn people of the oncoming vehicle.

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Method and System for providing Cohort and Socialized Vehicle

Disclosed is a method and system for providing cohort and socialized vehicles.

Vehicles such as, cars are becoming more and more silent due to their ability to operate on electrical input such as, in hybrid and electric cars. These vehicles have the ability to move in almost a stealth manner. There have been several reports where individuals are harmed as they are not able to hear an oncoming vehicle.

The method and system disclosed herein provides an audible sound to be associated with a vehicle such as, a car. This audible sound may be a standard, identifiable ringtone that is emitted by the vehicle. The audible sound is associated with acceleration or deceleration of a car. In a scenario, the audible sound may be a customer modified ringtone. The ringtone provided in the vehicle may be taken and a matrix of sounds may be created from the original ringtone. Thereafter, this ringtone may be closely associated with the car's acceleration and deceleration.

In an embodiment, the method and system provides a Smart Visual Recognition (SVR) on a vehicle. In this case, video cameras are strategically placed around the vehicle such as, a car. These video cameras may have the ability to pull in and parse video to create a video cohort. The video cameras may utilize a Digital Video Surveillance solution for performing such an act. Each video cohort is identified, processed and made available to assist in the identification of stationary objects. The video cohort may also be utilized to identify accelerating or decelerating objects thereby providing a smart warning system for the car. Using the SVR system, the car can recognize license plates, people (adults and children), animals such as, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc. or any other objects.

Further, using the SVR system, the car may have the capability to cr...