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Method And System For Serializing XML Objects Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194603D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-03
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A method and system for serializing XML objects, which are retrieved from one storage medium to another storage medium is disclosed. The method and system enables improving consumption of resources like memory and CPU while serializing the XML objects.

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Method And System For Serializing XML Objects

Disclosed is a method and system for serializing XML objects which are retrieved from one storage medium to another storage medium. The method involves partially or entirely reusing original inputs of the XML objects.

The method and system involves partially de-serializing inputs of the XML objects based on client requests. Changes occurring in the inputs are maintained along with input data. Then, serialization is performed by merging unmodified data stored in the input with a cache of changed data. The cache of changed data might also contain more information apart from modifications applied on the input, such as information to accelerate multiple read-access.

A diagram illustrating the disclosed method is shown

Figure 1

Since, XML is a context-sensitive format, changes in the XML objects may be classified in two categories,

which are modifications in context or modification in data. In case the

context is changed, all the data in the scope of this context is marked as modified. For example, in an XML object,

when prefix of a namespace declaration is changed, all the

descendant nodes of the object containing the namespace declaration must be added to the collection of changes. In such cases, part of input corresponding to these changes cannot be reused.

In case the data is changed, such data is added to the cache of changed data along

with a metadata describing the type of modification.

The method of serializing XML...