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Enhanced Instant Message History Display and Filtering Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194658D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-06
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Disclosed is a method and system for display and filtering of a message history in an Instant Messaging system based on message resources.

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Enhanced Instant Message History Display and Filtering

The electronic workplace of today is filled with many conveniences to allow employees to collaborate with each other. Some workplace environments allow employees ready access to each other through real time communications known as "Instant Messaging". Instant messaging

provides an excellent substitute for short telephone conversations in which minimal to moderate

amounts of information are to be exchanged between two or more parties.With advance instant messaging systems, the user is also provided with facilities to share / transfer various types of resources like files, images, and URLs.

Many instant messaging systems are also equipped with a facility to store previous chat conversations (henceforth termed "chat history"). In most cases, there may be a user interface facility to help user(s) search the chat history by user id/ name, date and/or by keyword(s) .

In a typical instant messaging session, there can be many special resources that get shared between users. For example,a user may share resources such as files, images,sounds, URLs etc. The reference to these resources are available in chat contents, however, while looking for some resource in chat contents, there is no easy way to locate a particular chat conversation based on these kinds of resources. Current user interface(s) available with various Instant Message

programs' chat history functions do not provide any special means to identify chat conversations

containing a particular resource. Hence, with huge chat history data, it becomes a quite cumbersome and tiring task to look for certain chat contents with special resources. For example, if a chat user is looking for some image shared in some chat history, a search has to go through all the chat transcripts many of which may not have any images at all. There is no way to distinguish that a particular chat session does or does not contain any image or URL or files that were exchanged between the users, The proposed concept helps to resolve the above issue. In addition, if a user wishes to re-share a resource that is remembered having sent/received in a

previous chat session, there is no easy way to find and select such a resource.

In one embodiment of the present concept, the instant messaging system will not only store the chat contents but also store meta-information for the various types of resources shared between the chat users. This meta-information will then be used for creating visual indicators for resources shared and its' type. Also it will be used for sorting and filtering of chat data. The resources may be of any type, like a file, an Image, a URL etc.

In another embodiment of the method, the chat history will attach a visual sign/symbol to a chat specifying the resource(s) and it's type included in a parti...