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System and method of presenting private meeting data to meeting author. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194659D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-06
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Disclosed is a system and method for presenting private meeting data to a meeting author.

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System and method of presenting private meeting data to meeting author .

Current calendaring programs allow a meeting author to schedule meetings with other

participants via an electronic meeting invitation. In this meeting invitation, the meeting author

can include teleconference dial-in numbers, the agenda of the meeting, web conferencing URLs, etc. Additionally,

present systems allow the meeting author to be notified of the meeting prior

to the meeting, often with the dial-in numbers by which the teleconference will commence. Today's calendaring systems do not allow the meeting author to be alerted to private information such as a moderator code. This is the subject of this article.

The sequence of events below will provide an example of the new system.

Assume that a meeting author wishes to schedule a meeting and thus creates a new calendar


entry. The addition of a new tab allows the meeting author to enter private data. The new information can also be pre-

populated from the data provided in the meeting author's


the meeting participants. At this time, the program will examine the meeting invitation for any private data included in the meeting invitation. (Current calendaring systems provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) by which developers can extend the capabilities of these systems with custom programming code. The present concept will leverage these APIs by which the program can run to implement the methods being disclosed.)

Upon the dis...