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InsertMaker - Creates INSERT Statements from CSV file

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194688D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-07
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Problem: Many times there is a need to take back up table data in the form of INSERT SQL Statement. As the no. of records grow, it is not possible to write the insert statement for many records, Many tables have more than 100 columns with different data types and in that case writing insert statement manually is time consuming and error prone. In other words, it is not feasible for even 100 records also. To resolve this issue, a tool is required that creates Insert statements from a CSV file irrespective of no. of columns and irrespective of no. of records. To resolve this issue, a tool which can be independent of platform, database and have no constraints of no. of records is required which can be available free and can be used separately and independently. Insert Maker is a tool which is used to create Insert SQL statements from CSV file within very short time with no other tool/software requierd except jdk.

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Creates INSERT Statements from CSV file

Disclosed is a tool named InsertMaker made from Java (version JDK 1.4) to create Insert Structured Query Language (SQL) Statements from all records in Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. There was a need for a program which can be operated independently to make Structured Query Language (SQL) statements within a very short time. The requirement arose from the situation where in one has to copy specific data/records from a table to same table in different environment like pre -production or test environment.Many times development team and Testing team needed to have the same data in test environment that was in Production to see the exact scenario and test the functionality. Refreshing entire table from one environment to other environment is also time consuming, requires DBA to be involved, entire table data is not required in some cases also. That solution was not working in this kind of dilemma . For small or medium volume of data to be copied, a project can neither hire the dedicated DBA nor can ask any DBA to look as it happens very frequently .

In market also, there is no tool which provides only this functionality which can be purchased. Writing the Insert Structured Query Language (SQL) Statements manually will take a lot of time and will be error prone . Keeping all these problems in mind, a tool named InsertMaker is developed using Java (JDK 1.4) which will resolve all the above mentioned problems. InsertMaker can be executed on any machine without requiring special software or tools to be installed . It is run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which comes in OS by default. It requires JDK 1.4 or any upper version. Tool is very easy to use for Java developer or any other developer . While using the tool, there is no need of Database Administrator DBA to copy the data from one table in one environment to other table in other environment. Developer can simply do it by executing this tool from command prompt after reading the below given instruction . T...