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Activity tracking with email software. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194703D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-08
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A program is disclosed by which action item can be distributed to multiple people for resolving from any email content. Once the action item(s) is(are) distributed, then the selected action item will be synchronized with the action tracker (Project Plan, RPM etc). Different action item can be distributed to different person from single email content. Once the action item(s) is(are) distributed, the action item will be available to the technical person’s project plan/ RPM. Now if the said technical person updates the status in his project plan / RPM, then the same status will be available in the email. So at any point of time, if the status is required from the email, then we can just visualize the %age completion in the email.

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Activity tracking with email software

Activity tracking with email softwareActivity tracking with email software .


A lot of time we get multiple support requests or derive multiple action items from a single mail. And those identified action item or support request are distributed among different person for solving.

For tracking purpose,

                                              (in Project plan, in RPM etc). If at any point of time the customer asks for the status, then we need to refer back to the plan before replying to the person. It means the %age completion (from a said mail) can not be derived directly.

Following diagram (Figure 1) explains an email having multiple action items, basically these individual action item will be distributed to different technical person, and so, the tracking of mail based on the action item is difficult.

we mention those action items in a tracker tool.

Figure 1

Following diagram (Figure 2) describes how the action can be distributed to multiple people. The person

who is going to assign the activity has to select the activity and from the Context menu he has to select the

"Assign Work" option


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Figure 2

Now once the person clicks the "Assign Work" option, then another pop-up window will open. Now the user has to select the following information

Name of the Person who is supposed to resolve the problem.


Start date and End date ( as project plan or RPM is always updated)


Comments ( the user can give some comments, like this is high priority job etc)


According to the above example, Figure 1, following are the possible individual work item

I lost my ATM card, so pls issue a new ATM Card.

Pls Ensure that old ATM card is Blocked.

I also need to new Cheque book with 50 Pages, as my Cheque book finished.

It would be good if you can s...