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Self-Adaptive Mobile Software Agent for Dynamic Provisioning of Virtual Electronic Medical Records On Demand Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194880D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-12
Document File: 9 page(s) / 52K

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Disclosed invention is a novel architecture and desgin of Self-Adaptive Mobile Software Agent that roams in a distributed or Cloud computing environment for provisioning a fully integrated medical record for a patient in a real time on demand in compliance with the statutory requirements for protection of personal privacy. Ability for healthcare providers to access the integrated personal health record (PHR) or electronic medical records (EHR) is essential for accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. However, there are three challenges: (1) compliance to privacy laws, (2) accessibility to highly dimensional heterogeneous data, and (3) performance issues associated with large volume of image data and network latency. This invention addresses the privacy issues associated with sharing EMRs with healthcare professionals or medical researchers and the performance issues associated with sharing large volume EMRs across the network (local area network, wide area network, metropolitan area network, intranet, the Internet, wireless network), by introducing a self-adaptable mobile software agent that roams in a distributed environment or a Cloud Computing infrastructure.