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Method to brush head while tape cartridge is loaded Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194913D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-13
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Disclosed is a method which allows for a tape head to be cleaned while the tape media is still loaded. The invention disclosed will improve the the operating performance of the head by removing debris on the surface while the tape cartridge is loaded.

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Method to brush head while tape cartridge is loaded

The operating performance of a tape drive can be significantly affected by the build up of debris on the head which affects the tape-head interface. This build-up will ultimately lead to product performance deterioration and possibly failure. In order to prevent this build up the head is cleaned with a brush. However, for the brush to clean the head, the tape drive goes through a re-chuck process in which the tape is unloaded, the brush swipes the head, and then the tape is reloaded back to its original position. Depending on how much tape is already on the take-up reel of the drive at the time of re-chuck, the re-chuck process could take time and could also require several hundred meters of tape to run across the head. The motion of tape across the head is one source of head wear. This excessive wear results in a premature product failure and significant deterioration of the tape drive performance due to spacing loss.

    In this invention, rather than requiring a re-chuck process for the brush to swipe the head, a pin would pop up and separate the tape from the head. This would be similar to a prior design lifting the tape off a head. While the tape is being lifted from the head surface, a spring loaded brush would fold out onto the surface of the head. The brush could be the current fibrous brush or a pad. Once the brush is on the surface of the head, the actuator would move the head in a rapid parallel motion to...