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Voice recognition for automated conference call login and identification of current speaker and location/organization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000194954D
Publication Date: 2010-Apr-15
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This disclosure is concerned with the optimisation of the HCI (human computer interaction) process in regards to conference calls. Several optimisations are suggested including: ++ Auto conference dial up. ++ Integration between software solutions and telephony software. ++ Geo-locating and functional identification of participants during conferences.

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Global companies are constantly collaborating across geographies and spend much of their time dialling into conference calls.

Existing solutions involve manually dialling conference numbers, then entering a personal pin. When in a meeting there is currently no known way of indicating which party is currently talking or what position they currently hold.

This disclosure looks to enhance existing technologies by:
++ Reducing time spent re-entering authentication credentials, and vulnerability of pin numbers.

Allowing for immediate identification of the current speaker on a large call.

++ Making it far easier to work out where callers are dialling from and where they work. ++ Identifying any external (ie non-company) participants.

This invention would use voice recognition technology along with APIs to meeting booking systems.

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Summarised as a sequence of events:
1. User presses 'meeting' button on enabled phone and dictates activation phrase.**
2. Phone queries voice recognition engine.

Voice recognition returns user ID.

4. Phone system queries database with current time and user ID.
5. Database returns meeting suitable meeting information (conference ID, and Pin if user is identified as conference leader)
6. Company directory database returns user details (Name, Position, Language, Location), flags as external if user cannot be located.
7. Call starts when conference leader has been ide...